Q & A

These are the two most common questions about microblading:  

Does it hurt?

A numbing cream is applied prior to the procedure to minimize pain. Most people describe it as feeling like very tiny scratches.

There will be some minor bleeding, so it’s recommended that you do not use any retinoid or retinol products, or take aspirin or blood thinners, the day of your appointment. You must first consult with your doctor if these are part of your regular medical regimen.

Depending upon your individual skin sensitivity, there can be slight swelling and minor pain for up to a few hours after you are done. In general, the more sensitive your skin, the longer the irritation. Most people describe this as feeling like a light sunburn.

You will also need to treat the area gently for a few days afterward, avoiding cosmetics, to let your skin fully heal. You will have some slight scabbing, which you should let fall off naturally, which usually happens between 7 to 14 days afterward.

How long does it take?

The average first appointment takes about two hours, on average. Before the actual procedure, Victoria will spend time talking to you about what you want to achieve, and then take a series of precise facial measurements.

You will need a follow-up appointment, usually about 6 to 8 weeks later, as a portion of the dye fades after the very first time you microblade. This is normal.

After your follow-up, you can expect results to last anywhere from 1 to 3 years.

Please contact Victoria if you are interested and she will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.